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We have a certificate running with domain : and expiry notice for the same.
Unfortunately we forgot our account details ,could you please guide us how can we renew the certificate or plz share our account details .

Mohit Nichaal


Hi @mohitnichaal

then create a new account.

An account has a public and a private key. Letsencrypt knows only your public key.

But if you have lost your private key, the account is dead. So create a new.


ok…any other possibility to fetch register email details on the basis of mentioned domain ?


That’s not relevant. Letsencrypt doesn’t have informations about the ACME-client you have used.

Check your webserver to find the ACME-client - perhaps certbot, or something else.


ok we will check and update u if there is any doubt.



Could u plz guide how can we buy the fresh account .?


There is no “account to buy”.

Letsencrypt certificates are free. But you need a client / program to create certificates.

So start with the basics:

then select a client:

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