Renewal email not sync with the Let's Encrypt server


When I ran certbot-auto -v command, it updated the certbot. During the process, it renewed the certificate. My certificate expires on 4/29. But, I am getting email that by certificate will expire in February. Is there a way to make them re-sync so I get the correct warning email?

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What hostnames and dates are involved?

You may be getting emails about a different certificate you no longer use.


I have 4.



The warning is about certificates like this

which you probably aren’t using anymore. As you can read at @mnordhoff’s link, you’ll receive warnings about expiring certificates if you reorganize the domain coverage of your certificates because Let’s Encrypt doesn’t know whether you are or aren’t still using older certificates.


OK. Thanks. I will see if I get the email in April for the updated ones.

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