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Hi every one,
I wasn’t aware there was a rate limit about LE certificates. Because I’m not a pro, I’ve been testing to much parameters and now I’m stucked waiting for the end of the week.

I thought the delay would run from Monday to Sunday Midnight.
So 15 minutes ago (1:40 pm french time this 2018-01-22), I tried to setup again my certificate when I had the warning message again :((

Finally I ended up here, created an account, read some posts about my issue in the forum and now I’m asking you:
Do I understand well, if I say that I will be able to setup my certificate again, next monday (29th) at 1:41 pm?

certificate rate

Thx or your help.

Web server: Synology
Operating system: DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5

It’s a rolling rate limit. You can create 1 more certificate 1 week after the first one was created. So approximately 15:05 UTC on 24 January.

If you’ve lost the private keys for all of the existing certificates, and need a new one now, you can add an extra subdomain so that it will no longer be a duplicate.

Ah Okay mnordhoff, thx. It’s faster than I expected.

So let’s say that in a couple of week I mess around one more time… Will I have one more chance of 7 days again ?

Yes, once you’ve waited out your rate limit and can issue again you can run it out again and wait it out again as often as you like.

Let’s Encrypt does offer a testing server known as the “staging” server. This server does not issue “real” certificates; they are not trusted by browsers. But it otherwise works the same, including validating ownership of your domains just like the real server would. Since it doesn’t issue real certificates the rate limits are higher, and they are not counted against the rate limits on the real server. So it’s a great way to test things out and get a certificate working on your setup without running into rate limits on the real server.

To use the staging server with certbot, pass it the --dry-run option. Other clients may use a different command-line switch. When you’re happy with how things work, you can run the same command without --dry-run to get a real certificate.

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Ok Patches thx for the détails.
The thing is that I don’t know how to use cerbots or commands, so I will rather pay attention to what i’m doing with my real certificate.
Thx for your help any how, I really appreciated. :wink:

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