Rate-Limit Lifted When?

Hello, after reading, we got rate-limited by trying to many times accidentally, we never knew there was a rate limit. Can someone offer insight on when the Ban will be lifted? I read things reset on Monday, but doesn’t seem so.

Our issue happened I think on the 8th?

This got rate limited on Fri

So I read there is nothing we can do but wait, let me know if I am wrong. I would hate to have to buy some huge SSL for a bunch of clients. Any info appreciated.

Hi @snaplitics,

No, it is a sliding window so, checking your certs (I've not checked if you are hiting the 5 duplicated certs per 7 days, just the 20 certs per 7 days limit).

For expressapplianceid.com you could issue new certs at aprox. 2018-Feb-14 08:17:00 UTC

For snaplitics.com you could issue new certs at aprox. 2018-Feb-14 07:57:00 UTC

Good luck,


Thank you very much. If you see that rate-limit on (20/7) limit, could there be another one with (5/7), if so can I check? Those data tables are so hard to read. :0

The rate limits are described at

Also, when you hit a rate limit, the CA will tell you which one (and hopefully most client software will explain which one it was).

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Hello, for what its worth, I understand you need rate limits. However, creating such strong limitations really hurts legitimate businesses. I was with a server provider that helped issue these certs, and because I tried 3 times (FQDN and www version) in 10 minutes, with 5 failtures, I got rate limited. I waited for the DNS to propogate across 25 DNS servers, and apparantly it was still to early.

Since I am not an automated machine this seems excessive, and I had no idea this existed until I get time boxed for a week. It REALLY hurt my business to tell clients that there site might be down for a week. Yes, I could go buy an SSL , but a shared SSL on a multi-homing app for 50 clients is very expensive.

I beg you to not hurt so many legitimate businesses by raising the 5 failtures or lowering 7 days to about 2.

Something is a miss if it effects legit businesses so much.

Thanks for your help and service, just my feedback that I would hope is valuable…


The Failed Validation rate limit is for a period of 1 hour.

The 1 week rate limits are about successfully issued certificates.

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Thanks for clarification, we had a certificate started for some sites, it was adding new ones that was definitely the issue. 1 Week was so long. :0

THank you for offering such a great FREE SSL service guys.

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