Rate limit increase for cu.cc domain provider

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I’m using the free DNS server called cu.cc where they technically provide a subdomain for you eg example.cu.cc could be your website however though due to this method no one can get SSL certs as the max number are issued to cu.cc however there more acting as a DNS so can you PLEASE remove this limit on the domain cu.cc

go to cu.cc to see more and what I mean


Only the owner of cu.cc can make such requests.

I’d suggest ( if you want a free domain name) you take a look at freenom.com or dot.tk

@Chewey, if you do know the owner of cu.cc, you can ask them to use either of two methods to request this (getting listed on the Public Suffix List or requesting a rate limit increase from Let’s Encrypt). However, as @serverco says, both of these can be done only by the cu.cc owner (not by an individual user), and neither of them can be done directly through this forum.

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