Rate limit adjustment form not working

Hi Team

We are a shared hosting company and are wishing to add Let's Encrypt to many thousands of web sites.
I have tried to fill out Rate Limit Adjustment form here: Let's Encrypt Rate Limit Adjustment Application but it appears to not be working as one of the "Required fields" is "Cloud save" to be turned on, but when we try to turn it on it says it has been disabled by the Form Editor.

Is there another form? or are we missing something here?

The "* Required" is just there as a definition of what the "*" next to other fields means; it's a confusing coincidence that it's shown next to the "Cloud save" icon. You should be able to submit the form without any trouble.


Thanks JamesLE

I almost feel dumb , but when that field looked like it was "Required" it also looked like the "Next" button was greyed out but it was obviously just the color of it. Thanks for your help I have now submitted the form.

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