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Hi when i want to creatie an lets enrypt ssl on it says that there already is on but how can i add that? Now i cannot add it there and my website dont run over ssl. I realy hope some one van help to fix.


Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Joey :slightly_smiling_face:

From your certificate history...

it looks like you:

  • acquired 5 correct Let's Encrypt certificates for the apex domain name ( and www subdomain name
  • got duplicate rate-limited for correct Let's Encrypt certificates (limit 5 duplicate certificates / 7 days)
  • acquired a correct Sectigo certificate for the apex domain name and the www subdomain name
  • acquired 3 incorrect Let's Encrypt certificates for only the apex domain name
  • acquired an incorrect Let's Encrypt certificate for only the www subdomain name
  • acquired an incorrect Let's Encrypt certificate for only the apex domain name

Hopefully you still have at least one of the first five certificates I mentioned (and its private key) because you want to install one of those five certificates.


Hello @jgroothedde,

If we check the last certificates issued for your domain seems you have been issuing a few of them:

CRT ID      CERT TYPE   DOMAIN (CN)   KEY ALG      VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
3837553847  Final cert      RSA 2048bit  2020-Dec-27 15:47 UTC  2021-Mar-27 15:47 UTC  89 days
3837506263  Final cert  RSA 2048bit  2020-Dec-27 15:30 UTC  2021-Mar-27 15:30 UTC  89 days
3837317991  Final cert      RSA 2048bit  2020-Dec-27 14:19 UTC  2021-Mar-27 14:19 UTC  89 days
3836840796  Final cert      RSA 2048bit  2020-Dec-27 11:17 UTC  2021-Mar-27 11:17 UTC  89 days
3836780775  Final cert      RSA 2048bit  2020-Dec-27 10:56 UTC  2021-Mar-27 10:56 UTC  89 days
3828398278  Final cert      RSA 2048bit  2020-Dec-25 11:30 UTC  2021-Mar-25 11:30 UTC  87 days
3828067348  Final cert      ECC 384bit   2020-Dec-25 09:33 UTC  2021-Mar-25 09:33 UTC  87 days
3824016842  Final cert      RSA 4096bit  2020-Dec-24 10:14 UTC  2021-Mar-24 10:14 UTC  86 days
3819286106  Final cert      RSA 4096bit  2020-Dec-23 07:19 UTC  2021-Mar-23 07:19 UTC  84 days
3819261144  Final cert      RSA 4096bit  2020-Dec-23 07:12 UTC  2021-Mar-23 07:12 UTC  84 days

The last certificate you issued only covers the domain and if you try to access to this domain it works fine, your problem is with and it is configured to use the kinsta wildcard certificate so seems it is using the default certificate for your server.

Here the problem, right now you CAN'T issue a new certificate that covers AND because you have already issued 5 certificates covering these domains in last 7 days.

At this point I would try to contact kinsta's support team and explain the situation so they can help to configure correctly your server, also, maybe they could reuse one of the certificates covering your domains (if they backup them of course).



When I surf to your site, I'm getting a secured site with the green lock, indicating the encrypted TLS connection is secure.

However, when I manually go to, I'm getting mixed content errors. (@sahsanu My Chrome only sees the cert including the www subdomain). For some reason, this only occurs to me when I manually go to, doesn't have that problem. In practice, your clients would only go to, as redirects to

@jgroothedde You should make sure all pages of your site don't have any link to any http:// resource.


Someone is doing changes :wink: when I checked it, it only covered and the certificate for was one covering *

Now I see it is using the right cert for both domains and even the mixed content issue has gone :wink: (Edit: no, the mixed content is stil there in the shop)


Ah, yes, that's of course possible too :grin:


Its already fixed Thanks a lot


Glad it is working but as @Osiris said, you have a mixed content issue (means that parts of your web are not being served in a secure way) that you should fix.


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