Problem creating a simple NAS certificate

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I ran this command: Trying to setup certificate

It produced this output: couldn’t save but think certificate created

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Hi, I’m trying to setup a certificate on my Asustor 5202T for file service at home. I don’t need the certificate for webserver, FTP, etc., it’s for HTTPS. I get the page in a browser telling me the connection is not secure and Chrome often stops the connection and I can’t use the Control Center because of this.

I thought I followed the correct steps for registering a certificate with, Let’s Encrypt, but I got error messages and finally I got a message saying I had reached the limit for certificates for that domain? I didn’t think a certificate was being created because of the error messages and I couldn’t save? I used .myasustor along with my cloud ID as suggested. My router is Google Wifi.

On the 5202T, the HTTPS port is 8001. When I go into the Google Wifi router and set port forwarding 8001 to 80, I get a message that it is “not available”? The NAS shows up in the Google Wifi app on IPv4. Just in case my Internet provider is Comcast.

I don’t know what to do at this stage? Let’s Encrypt appears to have created a certificate(s) for my Asustor domain, but I’m not sure how that happened given the error messages. I don’t know where to look to make port 80 available for registering a certificate with Let’s Encrypt or what to do about the apparent certificates created? If a certificate was created, why wasn’t I allowed to save it to the NAS?


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