Private Key Passphrase PRTG and FILEZILLA SERVER Windows Server 2012R2

i’m using a PRTG Network Monitor working on Windows Server, on wich i need to install a valid SSL Certificate.
I’m now trying to use the win-acme.v2.1.1.593.x64.pluggable tool to create the certificate on an IIS website with the same domain name as the PRTG Core server ( )
So i stopped the PRTG core ad started the IIS to let’s the tool correctly create the certificate.
After that i go to this folder C:\ProgramData\win-acme\\Certificates where i’ve found 2 file, a .pfx and a .pem file.
When i try now to import in the PRTG Core Server with the tool provided from PRTG ( PRTG Certificate Importer ) i now receive a message to insert the passhprase for the private key, and i’d never insert this passhrase.

Where i can find this passphrase ? Is there any way to generate the certificate witouth it ?

I also need this procedure to generate a similar certificate for a Filezilla Server working on Windows Server but i’m getting the same problem with the passphrase

Thanks a lot

Hi @pax91

please check the documentation. There

is a password parameter.

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Hi @JuergenAuer thank you very much !!!

Now running the the wasc.exe tool like below from the CMD
wasc.exe --store centralssl --pfxpassword

I was able to set my own password and import into the PRTG Montior


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