Clear Test Certificates and Know the Passphrase

Good afternoon,

We are testing the creation of a Certificate for PRTG using the software ( When we generate and we are going to import it asks Passprhase that I cannot see which one was generated. So, I ended up generating some test certificates and now I can’t generate new ones for validation.

Please, can you help me clear these certificates for the domain: I am not able to generate more certificates due to the tests already performed today 08/10/2020 for the domain:

Is there any way to know what is the word Passprhase generated by the software ( by letsencrypt?

Marcelo Leite

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t put any passphrase on certificates.

Whatever ACME client software you are using is probably generating a pfx bundle or something like that, and putting a default passphrase on it.

What software did you use to issue the certificate? That will point towards the answer you need.

As for your rate limits,

If you’ve hit a rate limit, we don’t have a way to temporarily reset it. You’ll need to wait until the rate limit expires after a week.

I understood, regarding the experiment period, that I have to wait.
I used Software software version (RELEASE, PLUGGABLE), and I can’t see which Passprhase it generated for the test certificates I made today for the domain:

For the record: you are using win-acme and the password can be retrieved by the following steps:

I just realized you’ve nothing under that menu… Not sure what happened.

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Did you delete/uninstall WACS’ data at some point? It’s odd that no certificates are listed under “Manage Renewals”.

The PFX password would typically be listed there …

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Please, is there any way to regenerate the * .pfx and crt.der certificates or retrieve them?

Per my understanding in the Wiki (for that software), no.
You probably want to contact Win-acme developer to see if they have a hidden way to retrieve the certificate (like if that’s also stored in alternative location), however I highly doubt so.

This is why you don’t run tests against the production servers.

If you’re testing stuff, use the staging environment:

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