Windows Win-acme - where are the certs?


I am using Letencrypt on Windows Server for my PRTG Monitoring Site.

When i used to use v1.9 odd of win-acme it created the pfx certs in c:\programdata that i could use PRTG’s certificate importer to import.

Ive migrated my PRTG server to a Server 2019 box and using the v2.05 of win-acme.

I have installed IIS on the PRTG server to generate the cert which it generates and binds fine… At this point normally id stop the IIS site, go locate the <domain_name>-all.pfx file in C:\ProgramData\letsencrypt-win-simple\ and import that using PRTG’s tool.

However now in v2.05 this doesnt seem to exist.

C:\ProgramData\win-acme\\Certificates is a directory, but in there is just XXXXX-cache.pfx and a XXXXX-csr.pem file

When i try to use the cache.pfx file it asks for a passphrase - which i didnt set, i just clicked the number of the IIS site in the wizard and it went off and applied and binded it.

If i try and export the cert from MMC Certificates from the Web Hosting Store it says the associated private key is marked as not exportable

How can i export the cert to a pfx?

Where is the private key?


FYI - this is the guide ive always followed up until using this new v2


looks like the creator of that tool has secured the private key.

So you should ask there.

Or switch to another client.

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Ok ill just go back to v1.9 for now then which i know works.

Thanks for the reply


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