Posh-ACME 3.16.0 Release

Posh-ACME is a PowerShell based ACMEv2 client that supports both Windows PowerShell 5.1+ and PowerShell Core 6.0+. You can find the project site here:

You can download directly from GitHub or install via PowerShell Gallery.

3.16.0 (2020-08-31)

  • Added new DNS plugin NameSilo (Thanks @rkone)

  • Added Preferred Chain support

    • There is a new -PreferredChain parameter on New-PACertificate, New-PAOrder, and Set-PAOrder.
    • For new or existing orders, you may select an alternate CA chain based on the Issuing CA subject name if alternate chains are offered by the CA.
    • Example: -PreferredChain 'ISRG Root X1'
  • Fixed a bug with Submit-Renewal that wasn’t properly using -PluginArgs and -NoSkipManualDns parameters when -AllOrders or -AllAccounts switches were also used (#266 #275). (Thanks @f-bader)

  • deSEC plugin has added retry logic to address API throttling issues for certs with many names (#275).

  • Fixed a bug with Azure plugin when using AZCertPfx authentication from Windows.


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