Posh-ACME 3.13.0 Release

Posh-ACME is a PowerShell based ACMEv2 client that supports both Windows PowerShell 5.1+ and PowerShell Core 6.0+. You can find the project site here:

You can download directly from GitHub or install via PowerShellGallery .

Here are the release notes from the changelog:

  • Added new DNS plugins
    • Akamai
    • DNSPod (Thanks @WiZaRd31337)
    • Loopia
    • PointDNS (Thanks @danielsen)
    • Reg.ru (Thanks @WiZaRd31337)
    • RFC2136
    • Selectel.ru (Thanks @WiZaRd31337)
    • Yandex (Thanks @WiZaRd31337)
  • When creating a new order, chain.cer and fullchain.cer are now backed up along with the other files.
  • Added a workaround for non-compliant ACME server Nexus CM (#227)
  • Various usage guide corrections. (Thanks @webprofusion-chrisc)
  • Fixed a bug where New-PACertificate required the -Force parameter if the previous order was deactivated.
  • Fixed the dev install script to account for a redirected Documents folder.
  • Minor changes to how Gandi plugin works to address potential edge case bugs.

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