Posh-ACME 3.10.0 Release

Posh-ACME is a PowerShell based ACMEv2 client that supports both Windows PowerShell 5.1+ and PowerShell Core 6.0+. You can find the project site here:

You can download directly from GitHub or install via PowerShellGallery.

Here are the release notes from the changelog:

3.10.0 (2019-11-06)

  • Added new DNS plugin HurricaneElectric

  • Azure plugin now supports certificate based authentication. See the plugin guide for details. (#190)

  • Setup examples in the Azure plugin guide now utilize the Az module rather than the legacy AzureRm.* modules. (#189)

  • Fix for “No order for ID” errors caused by recent Boulder changes that no longer return order details for expired orders. (#192)

  • Fixed being unable to switch active orders if an error occurred trying to refresh the order details from the ACME server.

  • Added additional guidance on renewals and deployment to the tutorial.

3.9.0 (2019-10-26)

  • Added new DNS plugin UnoEuro (Thanks @OrKarstoft)

  • Fix for Cloudflare plugin not working properly when limited scope token didn’t have at least read permissions to all zones on an account. To use an edit token with limited zone permissions, you must now also specify a secondary token with read permissions to all zones. See the plugin guide for details. (#184)

  • Fix for PropertyNotFound exception when imported plugin data is null or not the expected hashtable value (#182)


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