Posh-ACME 2.7.1 Release

Posh-ACME is a PowerShell based ACMEv2 client that supports both Windows PowerShell 5.1+ and PowerShell Core 6.0+. You can find the project site here:

You can download directly from GitHub or install via PowerShellGallery

Here are the latest release notes from the changelog:

  • Added new DNS plugin Dynu. (Thanks @_az !)
  • Added additional Azure plugin authentication options including explicit access token and Instance Metadata Service support. See plugin readme for details. (Thanks @perbergland!)
  • Added an explicit .NET 4.7.1 version check on module load when running Windows PowerShell (Desktop edition) since the module manifest didn’t seem to be enforcing it. This will throw an error if you try to import the module without at least .NET 4.7.1 installed and hopefully prevent bug reports due to insufficient .NET versions.
  • Fixed bug with GoDaddy plugin (#50) that prevented using names in sub-domains. (Thanks @davehope!)
  • Fixed bug with Azure plugin (#57) incorrectly evaluating token expiration. (Thanks @Cavorter!)
  • Fixed bug (#60) that would cause some order parameters to appear to get wiped when renewing or creating a new order whose names had already been validated. (Thanks for the tip @hutch120!)
  • Various readme tweaks

Version 2.6.0 is now released. Here are the release notes from the changelog:

  • Added additional functions that should make it easier to manually respond to challenges. In particular, this should allow people to use the HTTP challenge until a formal HTTP challenge plugin solution is introduced. (Thanks John B. for the idea!)
    • Get-KeyAuthorization calculate a key authorization string for a challenge token.
    • Send-ChallengeAck notifies the ACME server to proceed validating a challenge.
    • The output object on Get-PAAuthorizations now contains top level attributes relating to the HTTP challenge (in addition to the existing DNS challenge).
  • Added new DNS plugins
    • Namecheap
    • Rackspace
  • Migrated all internal DateTime handling to use DateTimeOffset which is less finicky across time zones for the types of comparisons generally being performed.
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Version 2.7.1 is now released and I forgot to announce 2.7.0. So here are the release notes from both:

2.7.1 (2018-08-30)

  • Removed ACMEv2 draft-12 support for account key rollover. No known CAs are still implementing draft-12.
  • Fix for issue #53 with GoDaddy plugin not being able to remove TXT records in some cases. Thanks @davehope!
  • Performance and efficiency improvements with GoDaddy plugin
  • Fixed Get-PACertificate -List only showing certs from ‘valid’ orders.

2.7.0 (2018-08-12)

  • Added new DNS plugin ClouDNS
  • Added ACMEv2 draft-13 support for account key rollover. This is an interim fix that should still work with draft-12 as well. Once Let’s Encrypt goes into production with draft-13, the draft-12 support will be removed.
  • .NET version check now throws a warning instead of error on module load
  • Fixed Get-PAAccount not filtering contacts correctly
  • Minor fix and help correction in Namecheap plugin
  • Get-PAAccount and Get-PAOrder now return null instead of an error if an invalid account or order was specified. (Thanks for the idea @maybe-hello-world)

Version 2.8.0 is now released. Here are the release notes from the changelog:

2.8.0 (2018-09-12)

  • Added new DNS plugins
    • Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud)
    • DeSEC (Thanks @nazar554)
  • Fix for type error when using OCSP Must-Staple (Thanks @casselc)
  • Parameter binding bug fixes for Azure and Windows plugins (Thanks @mithrandyr)
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Version 2.9.0 is now released. Here are the release notes from the changelog:

2.9.0 (2018-10-05)

  • Added new DNS plugins
    • BlueCat (Thanks @marshallford)
    • Gandi
  • Updated DMEasy plugin to support non-Windows
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