Plesk - Certificate not automatucally updated

I’ve been using your certificate on site for some time and have set it up through PLESK.

There it says: “Valid To
June 24, 2020
Will be automatically renewed”

But that date has passed and it is not renewed. So my domain is not secured.

I have swiched to a new server few months ago, but copied all the settings, could that be a problem?

In PLESK there is also this “Waiting for Payment.
The certificate order was created but has not been paid yet. Click “Reload” to check the order status.”

Could it be that it is not paid? Where can I find out if this is the issue’ Where can I pay?

Let’s Encrypt certificates are 100 % free of charge. I have no idea what needs to be payed. Perhaps Plesk itself?

No, Plesk is paid in the hosting package, but maybe I found the solution.

“Keep websites secured” was not enabled. Now I get the message that the certificate will be updated.

Let’s see what happens. Thanks for reply.

Well, your site is already secured by CloudFlare…

Really, that is enough? No need for another certificate?

Hi @dharma3d

it’s impossible to know that.

Cloudflare has an internal solution you can use. Then you don’t need a Letsencrypt certificate.

But Cloudflare hides your server, so it’s impossible to see / check that.

May be that will not work with Plesk.

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