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I ran into the issue using an old version of jetstack/cert-manager v0.7.1 and produced excessive traffic to LE. I updated our Kubernetes environment to cert-manager v0.9.1, so hopefully the issue is resolved now. Could you please unblock:



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Could someone from @lestaff take a look at this?

Thank you

Hi @jmastr, welcome to the community forum.

Can you verify this is the correct IP address for the cert-manager installation? Is it possible that it also has a public IPv6 address that might be preferred for egress traffic?

I took a quick peek at our configuration for IP blocks and didn’t find an entry corresponding to this IPv4 address.

Thanks for the nice welcome and your responses.

There is no IPv6 assigned. It is good to know, that the IPv4 is not blocked. I will do some further investigation and post the update here, but I have the feeling that the issue is on our side.

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Sounds good @jmastr. If you registered your ACME account with a contact email address I can use that to search our logs for your IP address if you share it here.

@cpu it turned out that it was broken objects in my Kubernetes cluster. I switched cert-manager versions back and fourth and I guess I had some inconsistencies.

All I needed to do was kubectl delete <CERTIFICATE_IN_QUESTION> and it resolved the wrong status code: ‘503’.

Thanks for you assistance anyway!


Happy to hear you’re all set now. Thanks for reporting back!

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