Cert-manager unblock ip


My past topic was closed, so I create a new one.

We moved the cert-manager to a new server and updated its version to quay.io/jetstack/cert-manager-controller:v0.3.2

Can u unblock my ip?


Hi @mastanggt,

Thanks for opening a new forum thread. I’ve opened a ticket with our operations team to unblock your IP address.

I will reply again on this thread once the change has been made.

Thanks for your patience!


Hi again @mastanggt, I just wanted to leave a note that I believe this change will be going out today. I’ll let you know when it has happened.


Hi again @mastanggt - I should have just waited a little longer before my last update :laughing:

The change just went out to our production environment. Your IP should be unblocked now.

Please let me know if you have any further trouble.


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