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Hello all,

Yesterday I have noticed that my Kubernetes cluster is not issuing any new certificates. On further investigation, I found the following error in the logs:

Failed to verify ACME account: acme: urn:ietf:params:acme:error:rateLimited: Your IP, x.x.x.x, has been blocked due to ridiculously excessive traffic. Once this is corrected you may request this be reviewed on our forum

And I see the same error since 31 days which means since Jan 29th 2019 this issue persists and unfortunately, I noticed this now.

I have found the following issue on Github that limit the number of requests to ACME servers which might be the solution for the excessive traffic from any IP:

So, I have upgraded my cert-manager to the latest. However, until my IP has been unblocked I will not be able to issue new certificates through my cert-manager.

Can someone on the community help me unblock my IP address?

Upgraded cert-manager: please remove rate limit block

Hi @nmanchin, I will submit a ticket to our SRE team to unblock your IP address. Thanks for upgrading your cert-manager install :+1:

I’ll comment again on this thread when the change has been made.



Oops! I replied too soon. @nmanchin - what is the IP address of your blocked cert-manager install? I need to know that first :slight_smile:


Thank you @cpu.

IP address


Thanks! I’ll get the ticket to unblock your IP started now.

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Hi @cpu,

I am wondering if the IP has been unblocked so that I can use cert-manager to issue new certificates.



It has not been unblocked yet.


Hi, @nmanchin,

Your IP is now unblocked.


Thank you @JamesLE for unblocking the IP

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