'Please choose an account'


I’m configuring LetsEncrypt for the first time and have come up against a problem. I’m using Virtualmin to create the certificates, however the request fails because I get asked to ‘Choose an account’.

There seems to be 2 accounts with the same hostname created 2 minutes apart. Is it possible to remove one of these accounts?

I’ve just hit this same problem, except there are 13 “accounts” / entries.

I’m not entirely sure what constitutes an account, but these are the result of an automated script gone bad.

I have been using this config for one domain, so would have thought there would be one account.

Can anyone explain what these accounts are for and how to automate the account selection?

Forgot to update my post.

I fixed this myself, found 2 directories under /etc/letsencrypt/accounts deleted one and it now works without prompting.

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