Where to create an account?

Maybe I am being thick…but I cants see anywhere to c=erate an account to add a domain into letsencrypt?

Can anybody point me to the account creation page please?


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Probably best starting point would/should be: https://letsencrypt.org/getting-started/


I want to create an account in ‘Let’s Encrypt’ to use its service/s. Please send the account creation link to me asap.


If you run your own server, follow the instructions at the link @Osiris shared above. Generally it will involve downloading and running a program on your server. There is no “link” as such to create an account on the Let’s Encrypt website; rather, you download and use the software to create an account and obtain certificates on your server.

If you’re on shared hosting that supports Let’s Encrypt, most likely your host will have their own account and will use that to create certificates on your behalf.

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