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How can i add the ssl system in opencart Someone please help me.

Hi @coolhaka,

Most likely this is not an OpenCart question, but a question for your hosting provider. Are you using OpenCart’s a2hosting affiliate or have you hosted your OpenCart instance somewhere else with a different provider?

My host is

How can i insert your ssl file in my host account and activate the ssl in my website?

It would be good to know what kind of hosting plan you have, what kind of access you have (for example, do you have command-line access? do you have root access?), and how much knowledge of system administration you have.

In most cases involving shared hosting providers, the easiest thing is to check with the hosting provider’s support, especially because it’s possible that their assistance will be required to install the certificate. If they do allow you to upload certificates (either via the support staff or via a control panel), you can try getting the certificate yourself using a web-based interface to Let’s Encrypt like or These don’t require you to install any software either on your own computer or on the server. You will have to make changes to your web site (posting a specific file at a specific location) in order to prove that you control the domain name that you’re requesting a certificate for.

If you have the ability to install software on the server and some familiarity with doing so, you might take a look at

and fill in the details about your environment. This is a more involved process, but has one advantage that the renewal can be made automatic. (In the other case, you have to repeat the process yourself at least every 90 days in order to renew your expiring certificate.)

hi @coolhaka


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