I need a SSL certificates


I need a SSl certificates on my website. See the below website detail:-

Domain name : http://zeusadsolutions.com/.
Hosting Provider company name: hostgator.
Site development technologies: wordpress

Gaurav Baliyan

Hi, Welcome to Let's Encrypt.

Please have a look at this thread. It seems like hostgator offers a way how you can use Let's encrypt.



Can you Provide the SSL certificate, RSA key, and CA bundle.

Thanks .
Gaurav Baliyan

Sorry Gaurav,

but this is not the way, Let’s encrypt works. Please read some documentation



–> In short: No one here in this forum can provide you with these files, you need to take care of this by yourself.



I don’t know how to do. Please check the below url. I have hostgater hosting . We need ssl .


Gaurav Baliyan

Please can you send me step by step process how can apply SSL certificate on my domain. I have already read get start page information.

Gaurav Balyan

@gauravbaliyan , adding to what @noudAndi was saying:
If you are not familiar (otherwise versed) with servers like Apache (or nginx) & linux stuffs, this is something you should not do yourself as this might end up messing your whole server as well.

If you want “spoon-fed” steps, kindly contact Hostgator and they’ll probably do this for you as a ticket - best way to do it in your scenario. Any webhost worth their salt, would be willing to set this up for you.

If you want to move away from “shared hosting” and get a “wordpress managed solution” with quality at reasonable pricing (in the $9.95/m), kindly send me an email at vps.support@7php.com and I’ll give you more details. (free migration & free SSL setup included)

Hi @gauravbaliyan,

I agree with the overall concern of other posters that some kinds of prior experience and knowledge are needed in order to use some of the methods of getting and installing a certificate. Depending on your situation and your knowledge, it might not be something that you would be prepared to do yourself, and you might be better off getting your hosting provider to do it for you, or switching to another hosting provider that can do so.

But I’ll add another suggestion and a question:

  • Apart from having your hosting provider support it automatically, the easiest way to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt is probably using a web-based client like https://www.zerossl.com/. This will walk you through all of the steps inside a web browser, without having to install any software. At the end, you can save the PEM files for your private key and certificate chain. You’ll still need to figure out how to install those files in your hosting environment!

  • Can you tell me specific things that you saw on the Getting Started page that you found confusing? Maybe we can improve the content of that page to make it clearer.

hey @schoen I’m trying out https://www.zerossl.com
I having issues both on Firefox (v53.x 64bit) & Chrome (v58.x 64bit) on Mac OS.

In all the tools when I clicked, I get the following:

Unfortunately, your request could not be processed. This is an extremely rare case and it might be triggered by some extensions in your browser (for example those altering User-Agent) or some proxy servers. Please try disabling those and reload the page. If you keep seeing this error, then let us know and we’ll try to find out what might be happening in your case.

Refreshing is not solving it.

But I like the web UI, very neat and nicely done.

In that message “let us know” is linked to mail form you can use to get in touch. That might help to pinpoint this specific issue if you report it once that error happens (more than once). As the message says though, it’s a very rare case that is usually caused by the settings and/or plugins. Try again and if this happens - send an email.

P.S. Another possibility is that you are connecting via some odd ISP or proxy. You can try checking this at https://do-know.com/privacy-test.html for example - reload it a few times and see if your IP is changing or anything is reported in terms of proxy being used.

Might be best for you to hire someone to setup your SSL certs for you.

Letsencrypt certs are setup once + forget, as a simple cronjob renews them automatically when they near expiration.

And, as another person said in another reply, this can be a bit complex unless your a command line Savant.

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