HostGator with WordPress and Apache - Enabling HTTPS

I contacted Hostgator about putting LetsEncrypt on a client’s site,, and they wanted to sell me on a few upsells instead. I told them I dont want to deal with that spam. Anyway, I got an app that supposedly added a cert, but when I go to the checkout pages as https, it says it is not working. works, but does not. What did I do wrong?

The “let’s encrypt” app I used is WP Encrypt.

Hi @mrdeleted

You have obtained a certificate.

The next steps is to install it (you currently have another certificate installed)

You will also need to updated WordPress to use HTTPs.


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Here is what they send me:

so whats my next step?

@mrdeleted, one thing to keep in mind is that under this fee schedule, you will not save money overall by using a Let’s Encrypt cert compared to a paid cert from another CA, because you will have to pay HostGator these fees at least 4× per year. You would save money in the long run by paying for a DV certificate from a different CA because then you would only have to pay HostGator to install it around once per year (or by switching hosting providers to one that doesn’t charge a fee for this service).

Can you get WP Encrypt to show you the underlying PEM files associated with the certificate that it obtained? I guess that’s what Hostgator is looking for you to give them.


I saw the files, yes, but what else would I have to do? I mean, I have not done anything like this in years. I think 2011 or so when I was a customer service manager for an internet marketer.

Assuming you want to pay the HostGator fees and go ahead with this, they have their form at

The content of the file cert.pem goes into their field for “SSL Certificate”; the content of the file chain.pem goes into their field for “SSL CA Certificate (Trusted Authority / “CA Bundle”)”; and the content of the file privkey.pem goes into their field for “RSA PRIVATE KEY”.

Remember that you will need to repeat this process every 90 days.

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