Let's Encrypt and hosgator

hello my desire is to install Let’s Encrypt in hosgator. for this I must submit an SSL installation. which leaves me Do you authorize the $ 2 / month or $ 24 / year dedicated IP charge? (Dedicated IP required for SSL) Do you authorize the $ 10.00 fee SSL Installation? . I also present different information included SSL Certificate *
CA SSL Certificate
(Trusted Authority / “CA Bundle”) *
RSA PRIVATE KEY *. of course I would like to have the SSL certificate presented by Let’s Encrypt. and of course I do not have much knowledge when manually install this certificate. so I choose the option to pay. but I have the problem that within the web Let’s Encrypt not find the following information — SSL Certificate *
CA SSL Certificate
(Trusted Authority / “CA Bundle”) *
RSA PRIVATE KEY * — - I must clarify that hosgator use. wordprees plan for how it incudes a default no cpanel, I can only get my information via FTP. I would like your help in achieving install my SSL certificate in my hosgator to use it in my wordprees. not if use is important but .COM. avada full use classic template and use cloudflare.com service - for free - but then goeth a payment vercion … I would like your help as detailed in this matter is not so much my conosimiento. From already thank you very much.

for more information this is the form you must complete


Hi, it’s not clear what you’re asking here. Do you want information about hostgator’s SSL pricing scheme?

the information I need is … * CA SSL Certificate SSL Certificate (Trusted Authority / “CA Bundle”) * RSA PRIVATE KEY * … but not that part of Let’s Encrypt. I look for this information

These are created and typically saved in /etc/letsencrypt/live/domain and are
cert.pem ( the SSL Certificate )
chain.pem or fullchain.pem ( the CA Bundle )
privkey.pem (the private key )

Hello @nicolas23,

Maybe I’m wrong but I think that you didn’t issue the certificate for yout domain yet. Keep in mind that if you don’t have access to install and run letsencrypt client on your shared host you should create it in manual mode (using letsencrypt-auto client or another web service like https://gethttpsforfree.com/) and that won’t be so easy.

Nevermind, let’s think that you have already your certificate… you will pay 24$ year for the dedicated ip and 10$ to install the certificate (that you should get on your own) on the shared host… well, keep in mind that certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt are only valid for 90 days so you should repeate the process to get your valid cert every 60-90 days and you should pay again 10$ to hostgator to install your certificate… that’s insane.

Minimum you will pay 24+(4*10)=64$ every year to hostgator to install a free certificate and you should manually renew your cert minimum every 3 months… maybe it’s time to find another hosting company…

Good luck,

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Can't agree more :slightly_smiling: