Only one renewal reminder email

I have received only one email reminder, but the cert has expired twice now.
How do I get this reset so that I receive reminders?

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Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Rob! :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to update your ACME account contact with a non-unsubscribed email address using your ACME client (e.g. certbot) to facilitate the change. This will result in all future expiration notifications being sent to that email address for all certificates issued for that account, including certificates issued prior to the email update.


I'll just add to Griffin's good comment that the reminder emails are sent on a "best efforts" basis. You should not rely solely on them to know when your cert is expiring. See:


Yeah, the emails are a last-ditch effort to tell you to check on your automation, by the time you get one that's actually meaningful to you (instead of it just meaning that you intentionally stopped using a name or added a name to a certificate) several other things have already gone wrong.


I discovered that my email address had become corrupted.
My address had "+1" added to the username.

@griffin and @MikeMcQ - point taken.

Thanks for the welcome and the help.



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