Issue two time certificate with the same domain name

I created a certificate that provided the wrong email address. I decided to delete the current certificate and issue a new one with the correct email that has the same name as my old certificate.The question is: Let's Encrypt still sent notification email to the correct email or sent to other old email ?

Certificates are not associated with email addresses. Rather, your ACME account can optionally be associated with an email. Reissuing certificates does not affect any of this.

You can update the email associated with your ACME account at any time. How you do this depends on your ACME client.


For certbot:

certbot register --update-registration --email NEW_EMAIL

For --update-account --server letsencrypt -m NEW_EMAIL

You shouldn't receive any notifications in your previous email address' inbox.


While @Lumito indeed posted methods to update the email address of the ACME account for two widely used ACME clients, I'm wondering if @leanghy perhaps deleted the first account with the incorrect email address and registered a new one with the correct email address? However, even if that were the case, Let's Encrypt does not use the account which issued the certificate to determine if it's a renewal or not. Only the FQDNs contained within the cert are important. See Expiration Emails - Let's Encrypt for more info.


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