Official certbot package repo for Debian?

Are you planning to offer an official Debian package repo for certbot in the future? Certbot in current Debian stable (Buster) is only available in horribly outdated version 0.31.0 and there is no easy way to install/deploy current certbot on Debian. We had a bunch of issues with certbot 0.31 (mainly this one: Both webroot_path and webroot_map removed from renewal config) which were fixed upstream, but we were never able to install a current version of certbot.

Is there something like this in the works or will there be a backport of Bullseye certbot 1.7.x in the near future?

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As far as I know, the certbot team is moving towards “snap” based distribution. This includes Debian based systems. See the current instructions: It mentions the possibility of “snap”.

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Osiris is right that we’re planning to recommend the snap instructions to most users since it provides an easy way for people to get a version of Certbot that stays up-to-date. I would encourage you to try it out! You can do so by following the instructions generated at after selecting your server software and then “snapd” in the 2nd dropdown menu.

As for the packages in Debian, we and our package maintainers spend a lot of time to ensure that those packages continue to work in the most basic sense, but due to how these distros operate, I think the packages will always lag behind the latest version of Certbot, especially when a LTS distro like Debian hasn’t put out an OS release in a while.

With that said, the maintainer of the Certbot Debian packages @hlieberman was considering trying to get an approval for update there a while ago and may have renewed interest in response to

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