Debian package update?

Hello there.

In that thread ( Certbot 0.21.0 Release closed now ) a question was asked about cerbot package for debian update.
The actual version in the debian packages is certbot --version certbot 0.10.2.
On January 24, 2018, a question was asked from @bmw to @hlieberman and never answered.
Any clues 3 month laters ??
Asking since good V is 0.24.0 now and it would be nice to have a up to date package.


We’re in the middle of some discussions about how exactly we can get a more modern version of certbot into the stable repositories.

If you don’t want to wait, though, you can install a newer version from stretch-backports. That has 0.21.1, and should have 0.23.0 in a couple of days.



no hurry on my side, just planning to deploy a new server and wandering if update was planned.

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