Certbot 0.23 on Debian 9 Stretch

I was waiting for 0.22 to be available and was following the progress with this link:


Several bugs were fixed and the new backport available is 0.23 (0.23.0-1~bpo9+1) So I went ahead I installed the package but 0.21 (0.21.1-1~bpo9+1) was installed instead.

I followed the instructions provided in https://certbot.eff.org/lets-encrypt/debianstretch-apache.

Am I missing something?

Something I notice in the instructions was this message: “Certbot’s DNS plugins which can be used to automate obtaining a wildcard certificate from Let’s Encrypt’s ACMEv2 server are not available for your OS yet”

But wasn’t that targeted for v < 0.22?

You may find some answer there:

“…should have 0.23.0 in a couple of days”

But 0.23 already arrived and I get 0.21 when trying to install

The tracker is packager-focused and can be really confusing to end users. If you just want to know what the latest package you can install with apt is, use packages.debian.org, where the entry for certbot correctly indicates the binary packages in stretch-backports are still at 0.21.

But if you’re curious why there is a discrepancy: the upload referenced on the tracker page is a source-only upload. This sends it to the autobuilder network, where the build failed due to a missing python3-acme dependency. The maintainer submitted a NEW python-acme source-only upload yesterday which just successfully built only a few hours ago. So, once the binary packages from that build are available, the maintainer can resubmit python-certbot again, and then barring any other unforeseen issues the binary package should make its way into the pool, where you can install it with apt.


Great explanation @Patches, thank you very much!

So I guess I just have to wait a couple of days since it seems that everything is on the right track.

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