Updating Certbot on Debian 8 Using certbot-auto Script

I want to update my certbot but I have no idea how.

I’m currently running certbot 0.9.3 and installed it using apt-get on Debian 8. I tried running the certbot-auto script but it also only installs me version 0.9.3. Is there anything I can do?

Hi @robinrossow,

Debian packages often lag behind the most current release of software, and this is actually often intentional on Debian’s part because they are prioritizing stability. You have the most current Debian package so there is no way to get a more recent Certbot through Debian’s package manager until Debian agrees to ship one.

If you want, we have an autoupdating script called certbot-auto which will ensure that you always run the most recent Certbot release, but outside of Debian package management:

Thanks! I didnt realize that certbot-auto isa wrapper class for certbot and I thought it’d update my certbot package.

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