Obtaining and installing SSLs on websites hosted by GreenGeeks.com


I’ve gone through the mind-numbing process of transferring my domains from GoDaddy to GreenGeeks, then purchased a dedicated IP for my cPanel. Now I’d like to install SSL on the websites. GreenGeeks is asking me for my SSL. Can you tell me how to get Let’s Encrypt SSLs for my sites? GreenGeeks is telling me to “attach” the SSL to my support-request ticket.


It looks, unfortunately, as if you’ve moved from one host who doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt to another that doesn’t.

Ideally GreenGeeks would just enable the option in cpanel, then it would be automatic for you.

Are you on a shared server ? or is this a dedicated server where you have root access ? I’m assuming it’s a shared server. What access do you have to the server ? just FTP ? or do you have SSH ?


Serverco – Thanks for your replies. I have FTP, using FileZilla. I don’t know what SSH is. I have to go back to my original point - that the vast majority of those who have websites are like me, not experts in the field. I asked for a step-by-step. And I ask again, for myself, and for many others. Instead of a list that includes the likes of GoDaddy, which requires an expensive update in order to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL, just give a list of hosts that are free or reasonably priced, and that offer that shiny button you mention that, when clicked, installs Let’s Encrypt SSLs.


Such a list was provided in your original thread and is mentioned in the FAQs and on the Getting Started page:


Thanks pfg. It is impossible to see if a cPanel has serverco’s magic button unless one already has an account with the company. It is impossible to see if the company has additional, expensive, and yearly requirements for the use of Let’s Encrypt SSLs, as for example, GoDaddy does, and which is on the list you mention.

Is it SO DIFFICULT to list hots like serverco mentions?


There is a list in the link that pfg provided (above) or that both myself and pfg posted on the other thread.


The hosting providers on the linked list all support Let’s Encrypt in some form. Each entry also has a link to (typically) some sort of announcement specifying how exactly Let’s Encrypt is supported. You didn’t previously mention that you’re looking for a host with cPanel, so if you’re looking for that combination, you’d have to scan the announcements manually to find one.

There are tens of thousands of web hosts out there. It would be close to impossible to maintain a list that does not just specify whether a host supports Let’s Encrypt, but also what kind of control panel software they use, and whether they also support Let’s Encrypt with that control panel.


But then what is the list that you pointed me to?


A list of web hosting providers that support Let’s Encrypt?

cPanel is a control panel software that some web hosts use and that has a plugin for Let’s Encrypt. This plugin may or may not be enabled depending on the web host. So cPanel is not strictly relevant to the question of whether a provider supports Let’s Encrypt.

I might be misunderstanding your question, let me know if I did.


The conversation is rambling off on tangents. To review: I am persuaded by your arguments that SSL is good. I would like to install SSL on my 14 websites. I am not as smart as most people in this community. Nevertheless, I still would like to install SSL.

I made mistakes. I switched from GoDaddy to GreenGeeks, on learning that GG supported third-party SSLs. Come to find out that GG requires a dedicated IP address, so I paid extra for that. Then came to find out that GG supports only “dedicated” SSLs, not “shared” SSLs that you offer.

Then I am told that there are hosts that have a cPanel that has a magic button that, when pressed, installs Let’s Encrypt SSL. I ask for a list of those hosts, and am directed to another list, one on which it is not possible to determine before becoming an account holder, if that host offers the Panel with the magic button.

So I’m going to make one more request, and that is for even ONE host that is reasonably priced, or free, that has the magic button to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL.


All of the hosts on that list support Let’s Encrypt. cPanel is only one possible option - but all of the hosts on that list offer either that or something similar - a one-click option for obtaining and installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate. @serverco mentioned the cPanel tidbit only because your particular host uses cPanel.

To summarize:

  • Pick one host from the provided list
  • Confirm that it supports everything you need, and that Let’s Encrypt is indeed offered with the plan you’re going to purchase
  • Profit!

Finally, just to clarify:

There’s no such thing as “dedicated SSL”, this is basically just GG saying: If you want to use SSL with our products, you gotta pay extra. There’s nothing that Let’s Encrypt could do or offer to change that.


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