No longer getting expiration emails

OK, so after looking at some other products, I found the correct servers to use and patched them into my base script. Same error.

Twas then I found I had added a CA in each of the domain scripts, for some reason, and that was overriding my base entry apparently.

So now, I can get the script to run. and it generated a new account.key file.

However I have no idea if it actually registered an email address for the account.

They’re running periodic brownouts before November.


I took a quick look at the server logs for requests coming from what I believe is your IP address (ending in .251). Over the past 7d I can see a fair number of ACME v1 new registration requests that include a contact email but unfortunately none of them look to have succeeded.

One batch received replies like:

"Error":"409 :: malformed :: Registration key is already in use"

indicating that the ACME client is trying to create a new registration but using the same public key as an existing registration.

The other batch received replies like:

"Error":"403 :: unauthorized :: Account creation on ACMEv1 is disabled. Please upgrade your ACME client to a version that supports ACMEv2 / RFC 8555. See for details."

As @mnordhoff mentioned (thanks!) that batch is a result of our rolling brownouts.

Can you perhaps try again now that the most recent brown-out has ended? I can check the logs again afterwards to confirm if there was a successful new account registration with an updated contact.

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@cpu I ran a bit earlier and it appears to have re-registered. Should have been a version 2 as I altered the script to point to a v2 CA.

Did not install the new cert. Did not get any email at the address I attempted to register. Perhaps not supposed to get a notice there upon registration?

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