How do i Update/Re-subscribe to Expired domain

Hi all,
I have two domains I need to update every now and then, I use Certbot to renew my certificates. the certification process is done via CLI prompt how do I get expired emails when my domains are about to expire?

Emails when your domains are about to expire would come from your domain registrar. But Let's Encrypt will send you notifications when your certificates are about to expire if you gave them your email address when you created the cert, and you haven't since unsubscribed from them.


i have accidentally unsubscribed from them :frowning: I used to get emails like this, see attached. Can i Re-subscribe again somehow?

Please see Expiration Emails - Let's Encrypt


The command completed successfully certbot update_account --email
So lets see if it works when the cert is about to expire, thank you :slight_smile:

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Does your email system support "plus addressing"?
[very easy to test that out]
If so, then you should be good to go.


i have no clue how to find that out, I'm using Tutanota mail system?

The quickest way would be to send yourself an email from an outside account, such as a freemail account. Use the plus address and see if your receive the email.


I don't get it? so I should send an email from my Tutanota account to fx gmail?
I did that and I received the email as I was supposed to. I don't host Tutanota mail system so I don't understand what you want me to test here
And what "plus address" are you referring to?

From your example:

For example, the address denotes the same delivery address as . RFC 5233[13] refers to this convention as subaddressing , but it is also known as plus addressing , tagged addressing or mail extensions .


so it means this ->

In email addresses, the plus sign (+) can be used as a way to create variations or tags on the original email address. This feature is often referred to as subaddressing, plus addressing, tagged addressing, or mail extensions.

For example, let's say you have an email address By adding a plus sign and a tag after your username, such as, the email will still be delivered to your original address, but with the added tag. This allows you to create different variations of your email address for different purposes or to track the source of incoming emails.

Using subaddressing or plus addressing can be helpful in organizing and managing your emails. For instance, you can use different tags when signing up for newsletters or online services to easily filter and categorize incoming messages. It can also be useful for identifying the source of email addresses shared with third parties, as you can include a specific tag for each occasion.

so what should I do from here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I kinda understand the function now, but what should I do to test it, I need it step by step if you want me to do anything

You got that backwards. The goal was to test whether your plus address will receive email.

I refuse to believe that you require a step by step guide to send an email from your Gmail to the plus address you used in your certbot command.


That is what I wanted to know thank you

Does not work

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Then I'm afraid your email provider isn't one of the "[m]any common email services" that supports plus addressing unfortunately.

In that case you might be able to add an alias or something similar which points to your own email address? Or use a different email address entirely.


The other thing to keep in mind is that the expiration emails that Let's Encrypt sends are a "best-effort" (meaning they try to do it if they can, but no guarantees) signal to check on your automation. You shouldn't really be relying on them. I'm guessing that it's possible to set up certbot (or some other client) to just renew your certificates automatically if you give more details on your setup, as that's really how Let's Encrypt is designed to work.

Having a working email address for Let's Encrypt to send you notifications is useful too, certainly, but ideally by the time you got an expiration email other monitoring you have in place would have already told you of a problem.


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