Newbie Needs To Know

Hello All,
I am new to all this and would like to find out if what I am hoping to do can be done and how best to go about it.

I am setting up a VPS to host a CRM. It has CentOS 7 installed and I will be using 1 of my free hostnames from No-IP. Can I use this service to ensure that the URL to reach the application is HTTPS ( instead of the HTTP ( that is standard with the No-IP account?

If so, may I get a link to how?

Hi @Datsys,

Please see

You might try Certbot:

Thanks for the very prompt response. Although I am new to all this hosting, Linux and other stuff, it appears that you guys had a novice like me in mind when you set this up. It so far appears to be easier than I could ever imagine.

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