Need wildcard Certs example: for a WP Multisite install

We need Wildcard Certs I will give you an example.
With a sub domain install of Wordpress Multisite you need a wildcard cert so each subdomain of that site that is created will be able to run under https:// and the Domain Mapping plugin from wpmuDEV will be able to map Domain names to each subsite created.
I have ran into this problem my self not realizing that a reg Cert will not work with out htaccess rules that I do not know how to write and lots of tweaking of the rules to make it work with domain mapping.

so Please offer this service.
+1 for wildcard support from me
thank you

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@3awh as requested in this thread

you should "like" that thread to show your interest in wildcards, rather than opening a new thread.

At the time being, it's quite clear that the intent is to not issue wildcard certificates. Several (more or less reasonable) use cases were already provided, opening a new thread will not really provide extra relevant information in addition to what have already been said so far. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment

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