How to support Wordpress Multisite?


I have a Wordpress Multisite setup on a Ubuntu 18.04 VPS, for which I have root access.

I want to support subdomains ( as well as custom mapped domains (

I know how to get a cert for a standalone domain/Wordpress site.

Certs for Multisite seem to be a completely different animal…

Can anybody point me in the direction of what the Virtualhost file would have to look like for a Multisite that supports mapped domains?

Then, how you go about getting certificates for all the sites on the Multisite network?



If you want to use mutlisite for your domain, you have two options (the difference is certificate counts)

  1. Add all mutlisite domain to one virtual host and request one certificate for all domains, then install it in that virtual host.
  2. If you want all domains to have dedicated certificate (which means other domains does not show up on this certificate), clone the original virtual host and only change the domain, then request the certificate and install it to that virtual host.

Thank you


So, with option 2 would this work the exact same way as if they were standalone site?

The only difference being that both virtual hosts point to the same directory (/var/www/…)?


Yes, that is the expected behavior.

Thank you


Please, can you be more elaborate as to hiw exactly to do this. Is it to be done anytime a site is created out from the main site?


Unfortunately, yes.

This probably aren’t the one you want to do, due to it’s complexity.

This method means you literally add all domains into one virtual host, apply certificate for the whole virtual host, reload that virtual host. Then as new domains are added, do it again.

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