Need to renew my Let's Encrypt certificate


I am sorry for my request but I am not very familiar at all with servers and ssh commands.

Almost 3 months ago I had a friend to transfer 1 of my websites to a self-managed VPS where he is helping me, by managing the server. However, he is on holiday by the end of September and I just got an email that my cert is expiring on 19th of September. I don’t want to bother him during this period so may I ask for what exactly I have to do to renew my certificate.

The server runs on CentOS 7.3.1611, nginx and I have access to the root. I am using vesta control panel also, if that matters.

Now I have read and also watched a lot of tutorials about certbot and how to make it autorenew the certificate once it is near expiration but I don’t really feel very comfortable in SSH without any help.

I don’t even care of the autorenew if it is more complicated - he will do it after he returns. Or he may have done it, I don’t know, can I check if it is applied?

If it is easier I would like just to renew the certificate.

I can pay for helping me out with this.
Thanks in advance.

Start with something simple, like:
certbot renew
sudo certbot renew

assuming he installed certbot…
If that fails, reply with any error message.

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