Need help with renewal of certificate


I received an email notice about the expiration of the Let’s Encrypt certificate for a domain hosted on Digital Ocean. It says it will expire in 20 days. I did not create the setup and have minimal experience with server management so I do not know how to renew the certificate.

I tried going through Let’s Encrypt’s documentation and searching through the support forum but it is difficult for me to follow. I feel like I need step-by-step instructions. What do I do?


if you have access to the server through ssh, you can run the certbot. try searching for digital ocean ssh to see if you find useful information to ssh to the server. I use google cloud, so I cannot help you on that regard. Once you connect to the server through ssh, you can run certbot by using the command sudo certbot it will guide you through a step-by-step renewal process. It is very easy, as you can see in the image I am attaching. I just did it a few minutes ago. My domains and any sensible information are masked.


Thank you for this. I will give it a shot!

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