Need Clarity on Rate Limit

Hi All,
I came to know about the great Let’s Encrypt yesterday only. It’s really amazing and cool. But I got confused with that factor, Rate Limit,

Is that mean, Clients(End users or application users) can’t request beyond that limit ?
For example, My website have 300 visitors/hour, will it be affected by that 10 per 3 hours rate limit ? Or it is the limit in domain registration per IP address ?

what does that it mean really ? Please explain, so much confused.

The current rate limits are described here: Rate Limits for Let’s Encrypt Which is confusing you? I don’t see anything that looks like 10 anything per 3 hours.

Edit: But since Let’s Encrypt isn’t a web host (and more to the point, isn’t your web host), it doesn’t know or care how many visitors your site has.

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“Registrations/IP address” refers to ACME registrations stored on Let’s Encrypt’s server. When you first request a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, the client creates a registration (account) on the server for you. This account will be used for all future certificate requests (i.e. when you add domains or renew one of your certificates).

None of the rate limits apply to any user interacting with your site. Once you have your certificate, Let’s Encrypt is not in any way involved in serving your site, and there’s no dependency on Let’s Encrypt’s server at that point (with the small exception of OCSP requests that visitors might send, but there’s no rate limiting for that (at least not to a degree where non-abusive users would notice), and you can use OCSP stapling to remove that dependency anyway).

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Great ! Thanks for immediate response @pfg . I love this great supporting community.

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