Rate limit cert per domain



first, we were absolutely happy about let’s encrypt, because we hoped to offer ssl to our customers.

We are developing hosting services for our customers and we want to give them free subdomains for a quick start, like customer1.example.com. Unfortunatelly, after one or two customers, this rate limits occurs because its counted on our parent domain.

Is it possible to whitelist some domains? Maybe with reasonably explanations.
Alternatively to change this rate limit to certs per domain and user? Because our customers should create the certificates themselves? (Ok, we are currently in an alpha stage, but we want to know if its good to implement)

For us, its a great advantage of let’s encrypt to sign subdomains. But with this rate limit we can’t offer encryption to our customers (let’s encrypt has a rate limit and other providers are too complicated and doesnt allow subdomains without parent domain).

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From a previous post by LE.

I haven’t seen an update on exactly when it should be available … should be soon though hopefully


First of all, a big thank you to the let’s encrypt team. This project is the best thing that happened to the web in years.

That said, Monti’s post pretty much describes our own problem. We have a TLD+1 domain that covers hundreds of servers, each within an own sub- or sub-subdomain, that are quite independent from each other. In the present state I have to be rather lucky to get a request through the 5 certs per domain per week limit. A rate limit override possibility of some kind would be very welcome in this situation and I sincerely hope that there will be a permanent solution for this once the project gets out of beta.

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