Rate Limits understanding


Hello LE community

We are working on a project to SSL our current 87 subdomains and have read the docs on rate limits.


My understanding so far is that one option is to have a single cert registering up to 100 domains.

Then as there is no wildcard option for new subdomains it sounds that the rate of on boarding is the next priority.
We currently don’t exceed 5 a week it seems thats the limit for Certificates/FQDNset.

For my clarification does this mean we can cover up to 100 subdomains off on one cert like a SAN if we name them with the -d switch on the cli. Also the on boarding rate is it we cannot exceed 5 a week ?

Once I have a better handle on the feasibility study I can start testing on a staging server with Certbot hopefully.

We were just about to buy a wildcard ssl then I remember Lets Encrypt, which I found when looking at project built on the Go framework.

Many Thanks



The rate limit is on the number of certificates per domain, not the number of domains or hostnames on a given certificate. It is also currently 20 certificates/domain/week, as the link you posted says, not 5 certs.


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