"name does not end in a public suffix" on .eu and .de domain

Trying to perform ./letsencrypt-auto on an apache server, I get that error message although the domains chosen from the menu are .de and .eu domains.

The attached file is the “real” LE log file; I just had to rename it to .txt to be able to upload it here.

letsencrypt.txt (30.4 KB)

I’ve changed your trust level; you should be able to append log files now.

In the logfile, I see:

{"identifier": {"type": "dns", "value": "horde.webmail"}, "resource": "new-authz"}

The .webmail TLD is not yet in the public suffix list.

“Yet”? I can’t find that TLD anywhere to be honest :stuck_out_tongue: Not in the IANA list of TLD’s, nor on Wikipedia.

Thanks for the hint. I suspect that LE ignored my selection of just one domain from the list of domains in the “Which names would you like…” list. Although “horde.webmail” isn’t even in that list.

Starting with -d shopping-list.eu from the command line made this error go away. Looks to me as if selecting a domain from the list shows a different behavior from entering it on the command line. Bug or feature?

That does sound like a potential bug in the client. Can you file an issue at https://github.com/letsencrypt/letsencrypt, and include the logfile you attached, or link to it? The client team may also want to see a copy of your Apache configs if you are willing to provide.