My server has crashed after deleting letsencrypt dir


Hello everyone I am having a problem on a production server. I add ssl support on an apache server running linode.

The ssl support went through and was working fine but the site wouldn’t load. So i figured just delete the letsencrypt dir which was a bad idea because I think the configuration is missed up somewhere. If anyone could help me figure out how to get this server back to normal would be great. Thanks in advance.

(update) I just got certbot working again and now its saying my site is secure but wont load the page unless i put in the direct url to the login in page so i think its not redirecting any help thanks.



Can you provide your domain name ? what redirects you have in place, and what redirect you want.


He so I just fixed it. Everything was working but on the main server it was still pointing to an http address…So dumb thank you for the reply though.


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