/etc/letsencrypt directory replacement?

Long story short - I stupidly deleted the wrong folder and I wondering how to get it back. Can I upload it from somewhere? I enabled Let’s Encrypt successfully using the “How To Enable Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on AWS LightSail Server”, but that was just for 1 cert for the “www” subdomain. I was attempting to start over and do it for 2 certs - for the “www” and the naked domain. I meant to only delete the /live dir inside. After I realized my mistake, I wondered when and where the /etc/letsencrypt dir came from. I thought maybe it was generated by one of the steps in the tutorial, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. How screwed am I? Thanks

If you deleted /etc/letsencrypt, you’re pretty screwed. The private keys for your certificates and ACME account only existed here and can’t be recovered via othre means.

Certbot will automatically re-create that directory the next time, though, just without any of your old data.

That’s kind of okay, then, right? The one I blew away was my first one and had been in use for just a few months. Sounds like I can start from scratch and hopefully get it right this time?

Yeah, definitely. Wiping out /etc/letsencrypt is the de-facto way to “start again”.

Thanks for the info, being kind to a rookie and for the insanely fast response!!!

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