Files at /etc/letsencrypt, best way to proceed?

Hello everyone, so a co-work jump into our server an deleted the /etc/letsencrypt, where the certificated
"/etc/letsencrypt/live/ existed, waht is the best way to fix this?
issue new certificates ? if so how to do it?
maybe re-do all the procces following this guide Nginx and Let’s Encrypt with Docker in Less Than 5 Minutes | by Philipp | Medium

notes: I have the services running on docker, certbot thinks everything is ok, it trows =>

While nginx trows =>

this is mi nginx/app.conf configuration ;

My domain is:

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Upadate, try to re-do the certificates following the guide.

I change the local nginx/app.conf and compose to only have8-:8- port redirect with nginx, and try to re-do the certificates on a local machine.
it trows the following error:

wich feels wierd becouse i can curl the site

Update for anyone with this problem, if you are running the same guide, you need to issue the certificates from your server that is hosting the site. it worked fine for me that way :smiley:


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