My host deactivated plesks Lets encrypt function, need help

My host deactivated lets encrypt in the plesk panel i use because he doesn’t want it. How can i get my certificates from here now? never done anything without the plesk assistance. and i do NOT run an own server

What other access do you have to that system?

NONE, Everything restricted.
Can access the Databases and thats it.

Well then…
It’s time for a new hosting provider.

well i can implement the Key text-based when implementing a certificate but nothing more

I’m confused.
Even if you can get a cert, how would you enable the site to use it?

that would be part of the service the provide and would enable it. it should just get the certificate and upload it…
but anyway… bought one at another place and change the provider XXD

thanks a lot

You might like, which works with this kind of workflow. However, I think changing providers is a more straightforward option because Let’s Encrypt certificates last only 90 days and are meant to be used with services that offer automated renewal.

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