My dns does not appear in the certbot list

Hello, I speak spanish, so.. sorry for my languaje.
I have my site, hosted at home, is a security shop in called Lumiere.

I need HTTPS, but I have to do all by myselves.

Some time ago I had a web page with a 3d print, and I used certbot to have https, but now I need install it in my new site, but certbot find the old dns ( and not the new one, so I can't run it. How can I fix it? see the picture
I am running nginx in debian 10.

thank you


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Welcome to the community!
You need not apologize for English not being your first language.

To resolve your problem, you first need to update nginx to serve the newer FQDN.
Or both if you still want to use the old name.
If they share the same pages/content, you can just add the second name to the server_name line in the config.

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Bienvenido a la Comunidad Let's Encrypt, Maxi :slightly_smiling_face:

Probablemente también debería eliminar cualquier certificado antiguo si tiene alguno.

Encuentre los nombres de sus certificados:
sudo certbot certificates

Elimina los que no necesites:
sudo certbot delete --cert-name nombre

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thank you for the answer. How can I do this update? can I simply whrite the domain name in some place??

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You have to edit the nginx config that you created for the other domain.

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Hola Griffin, y gracias por responder en español.
desinstalé los certificados anteriores, pero eso no me solucionó el problema...
Creo que hay un lugar donde debería ingresar la dirección de mi web para que letsencrypt la revise...


You are changing the name of the site.
You need to change all occurrences of the old name to the new name.
Try finding where the old name is used with:
grep -Ri /etc/nginx/

De nada, mi.amigo. :slightly_smiling_face:

Limpiar los certificados antiguos es un buen comienzo porque no desea que se renueven con nombres incorrectos. He comprobado su sitio desde el exterior de diferentes formas con algunas herramientas y creo que las cosas están bien desde el exterior. Siga las sugerencias de Rudy (rg305) para mirar adentro.

I do find that the names are pointing to different IPs:



So you need to be sure the new name is pointing to the correct IP.

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