Multiple Virtual Hosts and Renewing Certificates with Certbot

Hello! I understand Certbot will only work with multiple virtual hosts if it is updated manually but I’m not sure I’m understanding how to setup my virtual host files. Currently I have two virtual hosts on both 000-default and default-ssl. I tried commenting out one vh and the first certificate was renewed just fine but when I switched which vh was commented out it broke the first and applied a renewed certificate to the second.

Could someone link me to documentation on how to have my vh’s setup for this? Is there something else I’m needing to change? Am I on the wrong track altogether?

If you need to see anything please let me know. Currently the certificate is valid on only one domain/vh.

Thank you!

Instead of having one file with multiple <VirtualHost> tags, create additional files and move the <VirtualHost> tags to those files (with one <VirtualHost> tag per file). Certbot will be able to handle renewals with that configuration.

Thank you very much! I didn’t think it would be as easy as making a separate file.

I really appreciate your time answering this somewhat silly question.

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