Create a certificate for each VirtualHost

Hi there,

certbot is now up and running on my server with multiple virtual hosts configured in apache.

Certbot has created one certificate with all domains and subdomains in it. Is it possible to tell certbot to create one certificate for each domain/subdomain?


If you used certbot interactively, you should be able to run it and pick just the names you want in one certificate, then again for each additional certificate. The automatic renewal step will still process all the certificates in one go, so only the initial step of picking which names are in which certificate requires running it several times.

If you use it manually, just invoke it once with each separate list -d domains for each certificate you wish to issue.

There isn’t a mode where you pick all the names once and it makes them into separate certificates based on whether they’re part of the same “domain”, but if that’s a really popular idea maybe someone could create one.

Hope that helped, and wasn’t too vague.

This makes sense and worked flawless! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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